Calzuro Clogs

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Calzuro Clogs

 Calzuro Clogs were first sold in the United States in the 1987.  During the Spring of 1987, Terry Wynne attended the Interhospital convention in Germany in order to represent his medical equipment firm. 

It was here that he met the Italian owner of Calzuro, it was here that they collaborated and came up with three pairs of Calzuro Clogs that they have featured the following week at the Congress of the Association of Operating Room Nurses. 

They had become the sole U.S importer of Calzuro Clogs. These clogs became popular due to the immense need by surgeons and nurses to have efficient footwear inside the operating rooms and other health centers. 

Clog designs have taken a new meaning ever since their creation.  Calzuro Clogs have revolutionized the medical world.

Calzuro Clogs are efficient, versatile and a breath of fresh air, one would be proud to have a pair; they are a symbol of creativity and genius of the makers.

Why Choose Calzuro Clogs?

This type of footwear is innovative, flexible, and durable.  The clogs are guaranteed to withstand the long-working and standing hours of hospital workers, even chefs have been known to choose Calzuro as their everyday footwear due to the comfort and stability that they provide. 

Calzuro Clogs can be repeatedly washed without being damaged, while the design was created to withstand hard use and repeated cleaning.

Who is Best Suited to Use These Clogs?

Calzuro Clogs can be used in any kind of profession like fishing, farming and other hardworking individuals who want to remain at ease on their feet while working.

They are highly recommended for restaurant workers, cafeteria employees, bakers, boaters, gardeners, biomedical researchers, veterinarians, teachers and travelers.

What Makes Calzuro Clogs Stand Out?

Calzuro Clog footwear is comfortable, relaxing and even has an auto-massaging design function.  

They are ventilated and have an anti-skid function.

They are washable and very useful during rainy days, one can easily clean the dirt and mud from this footwear.   

They are also anti-static and fully recyclable. 

They are available in 14 colors and is continuously expanding with their available designs. 

What are the Available Colors for Calzuro Clogs?

There are different colors and design from light blue, fancy pink, fancy swirl pattern, classic colors like brown, white, blue, yellow, green.

Be able to upgrade your wardrobe with these stylish clogs. Other designs include Caluzo Clogs that have a security heel strap on them for added protection. This feature enables you to walk around quietly without disturbing patients and co-workers.